Fishing our lake..



All species catch and release - May 1st to June 30th


Bass - During open season, two (2) Bass between 12" and 15" may be kept per day per Membership Card.  All other Bass are catch and release.

Bluegill, Shell Crackers, Crappie, and Perch - During open season, a cumulative total of fifteen (15) may be kept per day per Membership Card.

Catfish - During open season, two (2) may be kept per day per Membership Card

White Amurs - White Amurs are beneficial to the lake and are to be protected.  They are very similar to Carp.  The top dorsal fin of a White Amur is short while the top dorsal fin of a Carp is long.  Also, Carp have a yellow cast to their bodies.

Longnose Gar - Longnose Gar need to be destroyed.  Each Gar head verified by a Club Officer or Trustee receives a $50.00 credit towards next year's dues.


Lake and Surrounding Area Policies

Guest fees are $10.00 per day, per person and must be paid prior to fishing. Please go to the Rifle Range building, mark the supplied envelope as “Lake”, add the guest fee(s), and put it through the slot in the building. Note: If the guest is shooting and fishing, mark the envelope “R&L”.

Please sign the fishing log book upon departure, even if nothing was caught. The purpose of the log book is to track species population and to improve future fishing experiences.

Your membership card must be visible and on your person at all times.

No swimming or inner tubing.

No trout, set or bank lines, or jug fishing.

No chumming or fish feeding.

No introduction of fish from outside sources. Minnows from reliable sources are permitted.

Electric boat motors only. Boats must be transported.

No vehicles permitted on dike.

Keep dogs under control. No dogs in the lake during spawning season.

Please use trash containers. Build fires in the fire rings only.

Camp in designated campsites only.